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What's your main OS?

Windows (63.7%)

Linux (25.5%)

Mac OS X (9.2%)

*BSD (0.4%)

Something else (1.2%)

Total votes: 919
Date added: 2011-01-08


Can you hack <name of website or e-mail address> for me?

Who can I contact if I want to submit a challenge?
Read the Submit challenge page. We always welcome new challenges, as long as they are well thought through and original.

I have an unactivated account, but I lost my old password. What should I do?
The password reset page can only reset your password when your account has been activated. This results in a problem when you don't remember your password for an unactivated account. Just send a request to reset your pass by e-mail with some information like the e-mail address for the account.

What do the 5 stars in a members profile mean?
When a member has 5 stars it means they have donated money to support Net-Force. See the donation page for more information.

Why make Net-Force completely English?
After long hard thinking we decided to make Net-Force completely English because we don't want to exclude users from other countries. Maintaining two languages is just too much work so English was the best choice.

I got banned, why?!
Probably because you have violated one or more rules.
When you try to login, the length of your ban will be displayed.

Ok, so I deserved it maybe, could you please unban me?
If you have a good explanation there is a possibility to unban you, but don't count on it.

Some challenges here look like challenges on other websites, how come?
Most challenges on challenge sites share general concepts, which sometimes results in challenges being similar. We always try to publish original challenges, but it's undoable to compare them to all the other challenges.

So whats the difference between hacking and cracking? I'm confused.
Although normally cracking is referred to as breaking into computers and script-kiddie behaviour, we don't use the term 'cracking' here that way. We consider cracking as the art of 'cracking' a software application.