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What's your main OS?

Windows (64.0%)

Linux (24.9%)

Mac OS X (9.4%)

*BSD (0.5%)

Something else (1.2%)

Total votes: 830
Date added: 2011-01-08



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Javascript & Java
Keep getting stuck on those nasty javascript challenges? Want to talk about the best java decompiler? Then this is the forum to go to...
14716812014-07-11 15:08
by bigheks
Exploits & Internet
About challenges about exploits and the marvels of the internet...
18720912014-09-11 13:09
by Matt_X
Prog. & Cracking
About the l33test of l33t, programming and cracking.
18818502014-08-20 04:01
by jukth1101
Stegano & Crypto
About stegano and crypto challenges
7912892013-11-12 08:24
by quangntenemy
Computer stuff
Operating Systems
Linux, Windows or even OSX problems ;)
161382011-06-13 18:14
by rahat
Talk about different programming languages , dump your code samples or ask for help.
272122012-04-22 18:01
by sage
Applications & Tools
Created a cool application and want to show it? Or maybe you found a useful tool somewhere, share it :)
231302014-07-14 16:23
Net-Force General
About Net-Force in general, i.e. suggestions and questions.
24818572014-09-16 14:59
by Flupke
Possible subjects: the weather, that new cool program, your (imaginary) girlfriend?
24517002014-09-17 16:48
by OKr0b0t

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