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What's your main OS?

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Mac OS X (9.2%)

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Total votes: 919
Date added: 2011-01-08

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Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty
Posted by ilias - Saturday January 29 @ 22:01 - Source: The Register
Cat: BlackhatSymantec: a trojan that targets Windows, Mac, and Linux computers contains gaping security vulnerabilities that allow rival criminal gangs to commandeer the infected machines.

Known as Trojan.Jnanabot, or alternately as OSX/Koobface.A or trojan.osx.boonana.a, the bot made waves in October when researchers discovered its Java-based makeup allowed it to attack Mac and Linux machines, not just Windows PCs as is the case with most malware. Once installed, the trojan components are stored in an invisible folder and use strong encryption to keep communications private.

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