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Are you going to 32C3?

Yes. (8.5%)

Probably. (3.8%)

No. (31.1%)

I have no clue what you're talking about. (56.6%)

Total votes: 106
Date added: 2015-10-28


First of all: Net-Force does not support or encourage illegal (hacking) activities in any way. Some things you learn here can be used for both securing and breaking a system, and obviously it's your own responsibility to use this knowledge in an ethical way.

» So what is is a website where people interested in (internet) security can play so-called 'hack challenges', read interesting articles about security and hacking and communicate with each other about these subjects via the forums or IRC. Visitors can register and participate in these hack-challenges, increase their skills and climb the ranks., online since August of 2002, was originally created and maintained by BasTijs. Great thanks goes out to him for creating challenges and building the community. After he and some NF-members found security-leaks in websites like PHP Freakz and HackQuest new members started to join quickly.

After about two years BasTijs couldn't find the time anymore to keep Net-Force running. This is where he asked Marijn to take over Net-Force. He said yes, and ran Net-Force since the beginning of November 2003.

In January 2011, Marijn got into the same situation as BasTijs did earlier, and ilias offered to take over. Marijn agreed, and now, I'm in charge.

» So who is this 'Marijn' anyway?

I was the webmaster and main admin of and I'm currently 32 years living on this planet on this small piece of land called The Netherlands. I have a Bachelor of ICT degree (Dutch: HBO-diploma) at the Institute for Information Engineering and I've studied Information Science at the University of Amsterdam to get my master's degree. I spend my spare time on: running (hanging around in the IRC channel, that is), working on some other hobby projects, watching movies, playing videogames, doing other hack-challenges, expanding my knowledge about computers and philosophy, reading, and much more, of course ;)

» And who's that 'ilias' guy?

I also was the webmaster and main admin of I live in Belgium, and I've done so for the past 26 years. More info to come later, this suffices for now :)

» And who's that 'soulslayer' guy?

I'm currently webmaster running from the Netherlands, and I am 31 years young.
I've been into the hackerchallenges since I was a teenager (began at Cyberarmy - Zebulun), but nowadays I work as a pentester of webapplications and networks. Since the beginning of Net-Force v2 in 2002 I participated in the Net-Force community. Starting 2015 I'm now engaged in developing Net-Force and bringing it back to it's former glory.

You can contact me if you want to.

» Some technical info for the interested... is running on PHP5 with a MySQL database (about 47 tables at the moment). Almost all the code is written from scratch by Marijn and Florian, sometimes inspired by the old Net-Force or on previous projects. More recent code is being written by ilias. The graphics and stylesheets are also created by Marijn and Florian, some icons (like the flags, message icon, folder icon, etc) excepted.

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