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Date added: 2015-10-28

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Posted by ilias - Sunday January 16 @ 17:18
Cat: Net-ForceHey all,

It's been a busy week, so not as many updates as I had planned for, but here's some of the bigger ones:

IPv6 support.
Now you can actually use the site from an IPv6 connection, which was up till now mostly impossible.

Dynamic challenge ordering.
The challenges are now ordered by the number of times they've been solved, in decreasing order. We think this gives a better view on the complexity of certain challenges than arbitrarily assigning a certain difficult to a challenge. This will also allow us to add challenges of a lesser complexity than previously existing challenges.

You can sign up for e-mail subscriptions for various events. Check your profile options for more info. (More of this is coming up)

There's more things in the pipeline, such as new challenges, but this will have to do for now.


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rahat on 29 January 2011 17:40

wow, just noticed the "sessions" tab in Profile.
was it there before or its a new feature or the existing one? either way its cool :)

cracker-net on 4 April 2011 04:01

Do i need to cry of happiness now?

cracker-net on 4 April 2011 04:06

Concider placing a "flag as spam" button / captcha in the forums.

arbertmerl on 8 April 2013 06:15

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