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When the new version of NF is released, you would like

just play the new challenges. (40.7%)

to have it keep the current score integrated into the new one. (41.9%)

to keep this current version around for purely nostalgia. (17.4%)

Total votes: 172
Date added: 2019-01-26

News Archive

Date Title Category accountsNet-Force
2015-12-23Chaos Computer Club Event (32C3)Net-Force
2015-09-12New Challenge "Electronic Cook Book" and news updateNet-Force
2015-03-04[ Tutorials wanted! Dead or alive ]Net-Force
2015-01-28Ghost (CVE-2015-0235).Bugs
2015-01-21General updateNet-Force
2015-01-09The Top Vulnerability 2014Bugs
2014-09-25Shellshock: setting the internet on fire.Bugs
2014-08-03New challenge added: Secure ExtensionNet-Force
2014-07-27Fixing the challengesNet-Force
2014-07-06Account registration reopened!Net-Force
2011-03-08HITB AMS 2011Whitehat
2011-01-29Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its bootyBlackhat
2011-01-10Getting Net-Force back on trackNet-Force
2011-01-08Challenges (mostly) fixedNet-Force
2011-01-07Happy New Year, and Ilias takes overNet-Force
2008-10-19Joined Wechall.netNet-Force
2008-08-06Scortile passed awayNet-Force
2008-03-21LoD is looking for testersComputer
2007-12-31Happy New YearNet-Force
2007-07-04Downtime Net-ForceNet-Force
2007-04-03New Internet challenge 'Start flashing'Net-Force
2007-03-20New Internet challenge 'Pay for it...'Net-Force
2007-02-07New Stegano challenge 'We come one'Net-Force
2007-01-30New Crypto challenge 'Private Parts'Net-Force
2007-01-20New programming challenge added 'Space Code'Net-Force
2006-12-30And yet another one, 'Know your arts' crackmeNet-Force
2006-12-30A new crypto challenge 'Cipher Matryoshki'Net-Force
2006-12-11Two cool Firefox extensionsWhitehat
2006-12-11Ilias promoted to adminNet-Force
2006-11-17the hacking-school source codeNet-Force
2006-09-24A lesson in exploitingNet-Force
2006-09-16Internal Brute ForcerComputer
2006-08-28Learning by exampleComputer
2006-08-25Rules to being a NF-Challenger?Net-Force
2006-07-04Hotmail Security Flaw BisBugs
2006-06-2810.000th user meeting10.000!!
2006-06-22Woooow 10.000 registered members!!10.000!!
2006-05-30New Javascript challenge 'Devaluation'Net-Force
2006-05-14Temporarily moved IRC channel to dalnetNet-Force
2006-03-26New Cracking challenge 'Go with the Flow'Net-Force
2006-03-24New Stegano challenge 'SPECtacular'Net-Force
2006-02-24XQuery is safe?Bugs
2006-02-04New Cracking challenge 'Thinking ahead is key'Net-Force
2006-01-04New Stegano challenge 'Ancient Voices'Net-Force
2006-01-04The Belgian royal family hasn't fully grasped IT security just yetBugs
2005-11-14New Steganography challenge 'Food in the Garbage'Net-Force
2005-10-15Firefox extension, 'Net-Force Tools' (update)Net-Force
2005-10-08New Internet challenge 'Faulty Obscurity'Net-Force
2005-10-06Some more improvementsNet-Force
2005-09-29'Remember Me' functionality addedNet-Force
2005-09-26New Exploit challenge 'Step by Step'Net-Force
2005-06-03Hotmail security flawBugs
2005-05-08New challenge 'Cryptozoology'Net-Force
2005-04-17E-mail problemsNet-Force
2005-03-23New Javascript challengeNet-Force
2005-01-12User XoxIx takes the leadNet-Force
2005-01-11Another crackme!Net-Force
2005-01-07Improved rank calculationNet-Force
2005-01-01New Crack challenge addedNet-Force
2004-12-31Happy 2005!Net-Force
2004-12-10New tool, Anti-spambot e-mail encoder!Net-Force
2004-11-29Mozilla fixes bug found by Net-ForceBugs
2004-11-18A new challengeNet-Force
2004-11-15Net-Force v2 is here!Net-Force
2004-11-15Net-Force v2, today!Net-Force
2004-11-09Crash bug found in Mozilla ProductsBugs
2004-09-15Flaw in Microsoft JPEG parsingBugs
2004-06-16Mozilla Firefox 0.9 releasedComputer
2004-05-22Giving or asking passwords is forbiddenNet-Force
2004-05-065000 users!Net-Force
2004-04-02Improved Net-ForceNet-Force
2004-01-104000 Net Force members!Net-Force
2004-01-01Happy New Year! :)Net-Force
2003-11-02Permanent take-over Net-Force.nlNet-Force
2003-10-22New 'Linux ShowMe' cracking challengeNet-Force
2003-09-07Net Force taken over for a whileNet-Force
2003-07-30Net Force UpdateNet-Force
2003-04-172000 Users!!!Net-Force
2003-04-02Smilies onlineNet-Force
2003-02-28Update to EnglishNet-Force
2003-02-22Net ForceNet-Force
2003-01-25Sql Worm AttackBugs
2003-01-06Updates & ProjectenNet-Force
2002-12-231000 gebruikers!Net-Force
2002-12-12Nieuwe bug in IEMicrosoft
2002-12-09Nieuwe challenges onlineNet-Force
2002-12-08Net Force [GuardBot]Net-Force
2002-12-08Server switchNet-Force
2002-12-05UpdatesNet-Force lekWhitehat
2002-11-30Zorgen over draadloos internetComputer
2002-11-26Commodore DarklordNet-Force
2002-11-24Net Force DonatieNet-Force
2002-11-23Self-Fixing SoftwareComputer
2002-11-21Bug in Microsoft softwareMicrosoft
2002-11-20Brand in hub Universiteit TwenteComputer
2002-11-19Polymeren en internet?Computer
2002-11-18XSS bug in Net ForceWhitehat
2002-11-14Grote sites ook last van de XSS bug!Bugs
2002-11-12Include script zorgt voor problemenBugs
2002-11-09400 ledenNet-Force
2002-11-02Net Force v.1.1 OnlineHosting