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When the new version of NF is released, you would like

just play the new challenges. (40.7%)

to have it keep the current score integrated into the new one. (41.9%)

to keep this current version around for purely nostalgia. (17.4%)

Total votes: 172
Date added: 2019-01-26


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Net-Force has 38973 users, we welcome our newest member: Danagab.

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What's going on... accounts
Posted by soulslayer - Mon Feb 4 2019 @ 22:21
Cat: Net-ForceEffective immediately registering accounts with an email from is not allowed. 95% of the spam accounts have been from, and I just want to annoy the spammers behind the accounts.

Ok, added to the list.
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Posted by soulslayer - Sat Jan 26 2019 @ 22:33
Cat: Net-ForceSo the site went down for a bit due to long due OS updates. I've .. fixed some stuff, but to be honest, maintaining the site with the current codebase is a bit of a PITA.

However, user registrations and password reset are working again. I also took the liberty to prevent new users from posting in the forum, messages and news: you'll have to solve 6 challenges before you can post stuff. This is done due to bots still defeating reCaptcha (anyone got a good suggestion?), and I might create functionality to automatically purge the userbase for users not having solved any of the challenges. This should at least prevent spamming of news, PM's or forum with nonsense links.

Stay tuned for news on NFv3!
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Chaos Computer Club Event (32C3)
Posted by soulslayer - Wed Dec 23 2015 @ 12:05
Cat: Net-ForceThe poll revealed that the majority of the voters haven't heard of 32C3 / CCC.

32C3 is the upcoming event hosted by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Hamburg.
Different hacker- and makerspaces will be participating in all kinds of events, different CTF teams will be participating in the CTF offered by the venue and of course lots of talks on all kinds of (often security) topics.

Sadly, the tickets are sold out, except for the day tickets. Luckily there's a livestream for you to enjoy and you can even participate in the CTF for free!

More info on Livestream:
Previous CTF (the challenges, scores):

Hope to see you soon in Hamburg! And for those not participating: Happy holidays!
Happy holidays!
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New Challenge "Electronic Cook Book" and news update
Posted by soulslayer - Sat Sep 12 2015 @ 17:28
Cat: Net-ForceA new challenge is now online: "Electronic Cook Book", made by bagy!
I've placed it into the crypto section with a relevant weakness, so hack away :).

Thanks for the submission bagy!

As always, if any of you have a cool challenge idea: , feel free to look here for more information on that!

In other short news:
My employer has donated us a hypervisor and with room for about three machines with bandwidth.

This means NF will get a new home, away from shared webhosting, and we have some space to host fun remote pwnables / warbox. If you have any ideas for this on how to set this up, let me know!
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[ Tutorials wanted! Dead or alive ]
Posted by soulslayer - Wed Mar 4 2015 @ 19:42
Cat: Net-ForceSo I finally went through the Library section and came to the conclusion that reading an article would be as relevant as learning the Win95 manual. It reminds me of desktops filled with purple gorilla's on the lower right corner, browsers with a required minimum of at least 5 toolbars in it in order for it to be able to function and annakournika.exe. It also reminds me of bleeping modems, topspeeds of 15 kbyte/sec and Napster.

It's old. No, really, like pre-historic old.


» Read more!
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Ghost (CVE-2015-0235).
Posted by soulslayer - Wed Jan 28 2015 @ 13:26 - Source: Openwall
Cat: BugsA new found vulnerability within glibc allows remote code execution by means of a heap-based buffer overflow.

More about this bug and patching it can be found here: (Explanation) (Patch)

As for the patch: don't run random scripts from the internet without inspecting them first.
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